• How long does it take to manufacture my prefabricated packaged order?
  • Where are the prefabricated solutions manufactured?
  • What are the benefits of our prefabrication?
  • Do Baxi Packaged Solutions install other manufacturers boiler products?
  • What services does Baxi Packaged Solutions supply?
  • What is a boiler room?
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  • Does my project need to be a certain size for Baxi Packaged Solutions to quote me?
  • What is a Heat Interface Unit (HIU)?

This is based on how complex your order is, however to find out our most up to date turn around time for your project, please contact us on packagedsolutions@baxi.co.uk

Our prefabricated solutions are manufactured in a controlled environment at our state-of-the-art site in Preston.

Our prefabricated solutions are factory-assembled and pre-tested, ready for installation and commissioning as soon as they arrive on site to your project. Not only does this reduce installation time, on-site activity and material waste but it also increases quality control, accuracy and simplicity in installation.

At Baxi Packaged Solutions we think we've got the right solution for your project. We will quote based on the specification but you'll also be offered a Baxi solution as a suitable alternative

  • HIU Utility Cupboards
  • Boiler Plant Rooms
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant Rooms
  • Chilled Water Pump Rooms
  • Energy Centre’s
  • SKIDs
  • Experienced engineers on hand to specify, manufacture, test and deliver the heating, power solution for your business
  • In house design team
  • Project management
  • Advice on environmental legislation
  • Technical Support

Please note we do not offer corridors, risers, steam powered plantrooms and medium temperature products.

Boiler plant rooms also known as energy centres provide heating and hot water for multiple occupancy dwellings and commercial buildings. We ensure that the right heating solution addresses your intended usage and occupancy to deliver your mechanical services including Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) and Chilled Water (CHW) applications.

We will need a schematic of the plant room, plant room footprint & equipment schedule completed

Any size project can be quoted, please get in touch with our team at packagedsolutions@baxi.co.uk or alternatively please telephone us on 03332 074441.

The Heat Interface Unit, or HIU, is an appliance installed within an apartment. Its role is to distribute the energy generated by a central plant room or remote district heating system, providing domestic hot water and space heating on demand. They can be configured to suit each project's layout, service connections and spatial requirements.

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