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Baxi Packaged Solutions

Chilled Water Pump Rooms

The chilled water pump must be sized correctly to circulate the correct amount of flow at the correct pressure in order to achieve effective cooling within the building.

Our systems are configured to ensure sufficient flow and pressure to deliver the required cooling for buildings during periods of high load. Optimising pressure and flow ensures continuity of the electrical system preventing loss due to excess pumping or systems being unnecessarily burdened.

Features and Benefits

Easily positioned

Can be easily located on rooftops adjacent to existing chillers


Minimises pipe rooms and space requirements

Fully compliant

Fully compliant to all industry standards

Quality assured

Improved build programme certainty and assured quality first time every time

Health and safety

Enhanced on-site health and safety


Pre-testing as standard on all components
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Baxi packaged solutions - Prefabricated pre-assembled modules

Boxed cleverly, providing innovative solutions

Chilled Water is needed for HVAC or underwater cooling for apartments. A Chilled Water Pump Room will be fabricated off-site in our state of the art factory and lifted into place alongside existing chillers to minimise losses through extended pipe runs and save valuable space in the building.

Our vast experience of design and supply of Chilled Water Pump Rooms enables the optimum solution to be delivered to your site to your exact requirements and project timetable.

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The Heat Interface Unit, or HIU, is an appliance installed within an apartment. Find out more about them here at our Baxi FAQs.

Does my project need to be a certain size for Baxi Packaged Solutions to quote me?

Have question about quotes for Baxi Packaged Solutions? Any size project can be quoted. Email or call us on 03332 074441

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