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Air Source Heat Pump Commissioning

We are here to help you commission your air source heat pump installation to ensure optimum performance, efficiency and energy savings can be achieved for your customers.

Baxi Air Source Heat Pump installed at modern homes

Why undertake commissioning?

By ensuring the installed product is commissioned to our manufacturers recommendations you can provide the peace of mind to your customers that their new air source heat pump has been thoroughly inspected and will run optimally.

During the commissioning all factory specifications will be checked so that the system can operate reliably over an extended period and inspected to ensure that it is functioning properly.



An enhanced product warranty


A quality installation from start to finish


Longevity and optimised performance of the equipment
Engineer installing the Baxi Air Source Heat Pump

Who can undertake commissioning?

Our highly trained service engineers can be booked for a chargeable site visit to commission your air source heat pump and handover to the installer/customer.

Alternatively if you are a trained Baxi Heat Pump Installer you can commission our Baxi Air Source Heat Pump products and register them directly providing your customers with the extended warranty.

For more information on about our Baxi Air Source Heat Pump range contact your Area Sales Manager or for more information about our Baxi Assure Air Source Heat Pump range speak to your Specification Manager.

Become a Baxi Heat Pump Installer

Develop the in-depth skills, knowledge and confidence through our practical hands-on training on our air source heat pump range, earning you points and rewards too.