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All Baxi Genuine Parts are rigorously tested and have been approved for use in our boilers, so we are proud for them to carry the 100% Baxi Genuine stamp of approval. Like you, we put quality, reliability and safety first. Use Baxi Genuine Parts to avoid any problems that could occur from using cheap, substandard counterfeit parts.

If you can’t find the boiler or part you're looking for, visit PartsArena, making it easy for you to find the part that you need.

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Baxi combi Boiler - deconstructed


Our dedicated database PartsArena makes it easy for you to identify the part that you need.

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Why use Baxi Genuine Parts?

Just because a counterfeit part fits our boiler, doesn’t mean it is manufactured to the same standard. Copy parts can be poor quality, unreliable and dangerous. If a part hasn’t been approved for use in our boiler, it is not guaranteed by us – and in the event of a breakdown, or in the worst case, an accident, the responsibility lies with the heating engineer who fitted it.

In our business, safety means everything, and Baxi Genuine Parts has been a trusted supplier of high quality, genuine parts for over 30 years.


Fully compliant

Our parts are fully compliant with Gas Safe Regulations, protecting installers and consumers

Thorough quality control

Our parts have to meet our rigorous quality control standards and come with a one year warranty for added peace of mind


Our parts are designed to work better and for longer, cutting down on the unnecessary cost of buying replacement parts

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