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Baxi 600 Heat

The Baxi 600 Heat has no need for a pump overrun or permanent live to save time during installation. This range can be installed on open vent or sealed systems and has an optional in-case rear flue, making it the perfect choice for homes with a high demand for hot water.

Features and Benefits

Multiple outputs

Available in outputs of 13, 16, 19, 25 and 30kW


Only 17.4kg installer lift weight (30kW is 19.5kg) allowing for easy installation


No pump overrun or permanent live required, saving time and money during installation, and less disruption for the householder


Suitable for fully pumped open vent or sealed systems for installation flexibility


Easy-fit wall mounting bracket featuring a positive fix and audible lock, so you know it’s secure

Quick servicing

Front and side access allowing a quick and easy servicing with no special tools required
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Product Fiche

Product Fiche

Baxi Heat Only Boiler Dimensions


A: Boiler Width = 370mm

B: Boiler Height = 625mm

C: Boiler Depth = 270mm

D: Side Clearance = 5mm

E: Upper Clearance = 190mm*, 35mm* if using rear flue

F: Lower Clearance = 120mm*, 35mm in 300mm deep wall cupboard

G: Front Clearance= 5mm* in operation (500mm for servicing)

Technical Specification

Product Model

13 Heat

16 Heat

19 Heat

25 Heat

30 Heat

Product Code77119987711999771202077120227712023
Controls and accessories
Operating mode selector switch with reset (Yes/No)YesYesYesYesYes
User adjustable CH temperature (Range - e.g. 45° to 82°)YesYesYesYesYes
LED temp/status/fault diagnosis display (Yes/No)YesYesYesYesYes
Baxi twin channel wired programmer - 7212443OptionalOptional OptionalOptionalOptional
Baxi room thermostat - 720971601OptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Boiler Plus ErP (%)
SAP 2009 annual efficiency (PCDB/SEDBUK) %
NOx class66666
ErP Product Information
NOx (mg/kWh)1820212424
Sound Power Level, Indoors (LWA dB)3739414549
Space Heating Efficiency ClassAAAAA
Heat Input CH - kW max gross (QnHs)14.8818.3221.7528.6234.35
Heat Input CH - kW min gross (QnHs) 8.598.598.598.598.59
Heat Output CH (non condensing) - kW (Pn)1316192530
Heat Output CH (non condensing) -  kW (Pn)
Gas supply connection (mm)2222222222
Inlet supply pressure (natural gas) - mbar2020202020
Maximum gas rate (m3/hr)1.421.752.072.733.27
Mechanical and hydraulic
Compartment ventilation required (Yes/No)NoNoNoNoNo
Flow / return pipe size (mm)2222222222
Condensate discharge pipe size (mm)21.521.521.521.521.5
Electrical supply - Volts/Hz230V/50Hz230V/50Hz230V/50Hz230V/50Hz230V/50Hz
Permanent live required (Yes/No)NoNoNoNoNo
Switched live (Yes/No)YesYesYesYesYes
Electrical power cable fitted as standard (1m of 3 core)YesYesYesYesYes
Power consumption (Watts)1720233344
External fuse rating (Amps)33333
Internal fuse rating1.6T1.6T1.6T1.6T1.6T
Boiler IP rating (electrical protection) - Approval categoryIPX4DIPX4DIPX4DIPX4DIPX4D
Pump overrun (Yes/No)NoNoNoNoNo
Concentric flue system
Standard telescopic concentric flue (Length in mm)315-500315-500315-500315-500315-500
Horizontal and Vertical concentric (60/100 mm) - Max equivalent length (m)66666
Horizontal and Vertical concentric (60/100 mm) - Reduction per 135° bend (m)
Horizontal and Vertical concentric (60/100 mm) - Reduction per 93° bend (m)11111
Horizontal and Vertical concentric (80/125mm) - Max equivalent length (m)1212121212
Installer lift weight (boiler) - Max (kg)17.417.417.417.419.5
Gross packaged boiler weight (kg) 19.519.519.519.521

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