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Boiler Plant Rooms

The demand for off-site manufacturing is increasing across all building sectors and has seen a marked increase in recent years. Whatever the application whether Commercial, Industrial or Residential, boiler plant rooms provide a dedicated space proportional to the size, nature and complexity of the development.

We are experienced in designing and manufacturing boiler plants rooms for all kinds of project applications built to your specific requirements.

Features and Benefits

Fully compliant

Fully compliant to all industry standards


Modular skid solution


Improved build programme certainty

Health and safety

Enhanced on-site health and safety

High quality

Assured quality first time every time


Pre-testing as standard on all components
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Prefabricated pre-assembled Baxi packaged solutions

Boxed cleverly, providing innovative solutions

Boiler plant rooms provide heating and hot water for multiple occupancy dwellings. We ensure that the right heating solution addresses your intended usage and occupancy to deliver your mechanical services including Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) and Chilled Water (CHW) applications.

Whether building a complete boiler room or refurbishment of your existing plant room, we provide a comprehensive approach to heating and water with minimal disruption.

Baxi packaged solutions Plant Room Exterior

Thinking inside the box

We provide a comprehensive mechanical and electrical design and support service. Our in-house technical team manage the system design to optimise available space and provide uniformity to deliver value engineered options.

Recognising the constraints of on-site construction we work closely with all sectors to effectively design, manufacture and deliver boiler plant rooms to your specifications, thereby reducing the risk of costly delays and rework. Through this process, we are able to reduce installation times and offering project assurance.

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Related FAQs

What is a Heat Interface Unit (HIU)?

The Heat Interface Unit, or HIU, is an appliance installed within an apartment. Find out more about them here at our Baxi FAQs.

Does my project need to be a certain size for Baxi Packaged Solutions to quote me?

Have question about quotes for Baxi Packaged Solutions? Any size project can be quoted. Email or call us on 03332 074441

What information do I need to place an order?

We will need a schematic of the plant room, plant room footprint & equipment schedule completed.

What is a boiler room?

Boiler plant rooms also known as energy centres provide heating and hot water for multiple occupancy dwellings and commercial buildings. Find out more...

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