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Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant Rooms

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) provides environmentally friendly and sustainable forms of energy recovery through the same process. CHP systems can offer up to 80% efficiency compared to conventional generation, helping to support carbon reduction programmes.

Features and Benefits

Energy savings

Savings on total energy cost for the user

Improved efficiency

Improved efficiency of fuel use - CHP generates savings in reduction of energy by reducing the reliance on other appliances

Environmentally friendly

Low CO2 and NOx emissions that support environmental legislation
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Boxed cleverly, providing innovative solutions

A packaged plantroom which includes Combined Heat and Power (CHP) can provide a highly efficient process that generates energy saving from one centralised location. Whether building a complete boiler room or refurbishment of your existing plant room, we provide a comprehensive approach to heating and water with minimal disruption.
Baxi packaged solutions - CAD Designing

Thinking inside the box

Our CHP units range from 5.5kWe to 50kWe and can be installed in multiples to provide flexibility in outputs to ensure an efficient match to your heat and power requirements.

We'll take the time to understand your heat and power loads to enable us to correctly size your CHP plant room to the energy of your project. CHP works well as part of an integrated plant room, balancing load against use and is complemented by our wide range of heating solutions.

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What is a Heat Interface Unit (HIU)?

The Heat Interface Unit, or HIU, is an appliance installed within an apartment. Find out more about them here at our Baxi FAQs.

Does my project need to be a certain size for Baxi Packaged Solutions to quote me?

Have question about quotes for Baxi Packaged Solutions? Any size project can be quoted. Email or call us on 03332 074441

What information do I need to place an order?

We will need a schematic of the plant room, plant room footprint & equipment schedule completed.

What is a boiler room?

Boiler plant rooms also known as energy centres provide heating and hot water for multiple occupancy dwellings and commercial buildings. Find out more...

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