What Makes The Nation Happy?

As part of our ‘Moments of Joy’ campaign, we have conducted a national survey into what makes people happy. Here’s are the results and how you and your customers can get involved..

We’re looking to brighten you and your customers’ day this month, so we’ve carried out a poll of 2,000 adults in the UK to ask what would make them happier. Answers ranged from the world-changing, such as banning nuclear weapons, to smaller things like finding a fiver in your pocket.

In fact, one third of those surveyed said if the sea was free of rubbish, it would make them much happier, but for others, just an extra hour in bed would do. Two thirds said that bad weather would bring them down, so the heatwaves we’ve had this month are sure to keep them in a good mood.

Yet while there were some eye-catching answers – for example, not sweating when it’s hot – the big takeaway was that only nine per cent of those we polled claimed to be ‘extremely happy.’

We want to do something to change that. While we can’t help you win the lottery (sorry!), we would like customers and installers to tell us their ‘Moments of Joy.’ Watch this space as the campaign goes live this month, and get involved by telling us what would make you happy, and encourage your customers to do the same.

In fact, keep a lookout on our Twitter feed, as for the next few weeks we’ll be offering installers and customers the chance to win their own ‘Moment of Joy’. You never know – it could be you!