Five things to look for in a training course

Here, Steve talks through the five key things to consider before booking a course – helping you to get the most of your time away from the job.

Industry expertise

Look for a course that’s delivered by accredited experts, with years of industry experience. Trainers that once worked as heating engineers can relate on a personal and professional level with trainees, and share their own advice and tips to new and seasoned installers alike. Check out the trainer’s biography before you book

Weighting of the course

One of the best ways to learn is through experience so, take the time to check the content of the course to ensure it maximises the practical training element. Training courses such as those offered by Baxi Heating UK, are around 80% hands-on, giving heating engineers the opportunity to spend plenty of time focused on the practical elements.

Skills boost

Developing new skillsets and building on existing knowledge should always be a priority. Courses that explore how to use a multimeter for instance, can boost a heating engineer’s detailed understanding of boiler diagnostics. Also consider courses that look at the bigger picture and that have the potential to open new doors.

Location, location, location

Installers who do their research before committing to a course may find that they can access expert hands-on training far closer to home than they first anticipated, so it’s always worth checking. Equally, consider online video content such as those found at, which are a great example of how you can access training support on the go.


Try and choose a course that extends beyond the physical training centre. Manufacturers are increasingly offering tailored, expert literature as well as takeaway content that heating engineers can refer back to when they need it most. Again, can provide some helpful hints and tips, adding extra value long after the initial training course.

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