Baxi really does have it all

Don't just take our word for it - trust the installers who choose to fit Baxi time and time again

Mark Wooding from Gas Mark Services takes a moment to talk about Baxi Boilers

Having fitted boilers for more than 13 years, Mark Wooding from Gas Mark Services certainly knows a thing or two about flues, built-in stand off frames and gas flow rates.

He's also got a bit of a sense of humour; when we asked him for three tips when it comes to choosing and fitting a boiler he said:

  • Number one: fit a Baxi.
  • Number two: fit a Baxi.
  • Number three: fit a Baxi

We caught up with him at a product training day at our Warwick centre where he was learning how to install the Baxi 200, 400 and 600 range.

Happy to sit down and chat with us, he said he was also a member of our loyalty scheme, Baxi Works. He explained how it had benefited him and his customers: "I have never had a problem installing a Baxi boiler. I've pretty much fitted them all - from the Platinum to the 400 Heat, the Avanta and now the new one, the 600 Combi."


"What you always get - no matter which boiler you fit - is reliability. I've had great feedback from my customers on how hard-wearing they are. And, if there is ever a problem, the back-up support is excellent. Help is always at the end of the phone, whatever the question. It's good to know."


It's been a long - and worthwhile - journey with Baxi: "I started with the Avanta and couldn't believe how quiet they were compared with other manufacturers' boilers." Today he is a huge advocate of the new 600 Combi: "I particularly like the built-in stand off frames and it, too, is so quiet."

"Great training"

Seeing as the going was good, we thought we'd ask him about his day at the training centre so far: "What I like about the trainers is that the approach is so laid-back. It's not high-pressured at all, so I don't feel like I'm being sold to, just benefiting from these guys' expert knowledge. Training has always been readily available, so I can feel confident when in a customer's home.

"Their recommendation today of the new IFOS weather comp in the flue is going to be really useful for me come 6 April when the Boiler Plus legislation comes in. They've just got it all covered!"