3 reasons you need a website and what to look for

If you’re not already considering getting a website then you could be missing out – if you do just one thing this month, enter the digital world.

When you’re busy the last thing you want to do is to be thinking about website development and faffing on a computer. You could be missing out on a valuable opportunity to look good, add value to your business and get-ahead of the competition.

Here’s 3 reasons that your business needs a mobile responsive website and what to look for when developing the site:

1. Create a professional image

Your image matters. Whether it’s turning up to a customer in a tidy van or wearing a clean shirt, how you present yourself will make an impression. Getting a website is an extension of your image, don’t believe us? Google your business name – found it? No? Then imagine a potential customer doing the same, you could be missing out on potential work because you don’t have an online image.

A website gives you the professional edge that your competitors may be lacking. Rather than seeing it as a nice to have, see it as a must have, like your van, toolbelt or Gas Safe accreditation.

2. It adds value

Websites don’t just make you look good, they add financial value to your business, after all, you own it. It isn’t on loan, it’s yours. This matters because when it comes to selling your business or passing it down to one of your children, you’re passing along a cost-effective marketing tool that is already giving customers somewhere to turn to when they want to find your business.

It’s important however to make sure that your website doesn’t duplicate content from other websites, it might be tempting but copying will hinder your website’s online ranking in search engines such as google. Instead, type your own words, let the website grow with your business – customers will come to see your website as an extension of your expertise – encouraging them to turn to you in times of need.

3. You will win work

It can be all too easy to rely on word-of-mouth and directory listings – this reliance will hinder your business potential. Giving customers somewhere to turn to online will give them the confidence they need to get you to pick up the job – keeping the money coming in and your business thriving.

Just remember to include a clear call to action on your website – getting customers to give you a call or send you an email will let you close the deal and ensure that you don’t miss out on work!

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