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Three-day boiler fault finding course

Duration: 3 days

Cost: £200

We are very proud that our three-day generic fault-finding course has been accredited by the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE).

The three days cover 'How a combi works', 'Multimeter training' and 'Boiler diagnostics'.

  • On the first day, delegates find out about using and understanding a multimeter.  Our trainers will explain how to use this valuable tool to carry out safety checks and identify whether components are working properly.
  • Day two is all about how a combi works. Knowing and understanding the sequence of events that lead to the boiler firing up makes it easier to work through and identify where an issue may lie when you are called to a breakdown.
  • On the final day, delegates will put into practice everything they have learned in the previous two days. They will work on live boilers which have been set up by the trainers with faults for them to identify and put right.

Aims of the course

Day one - Multimeter:

  • Understand and use an electrical multimeter
  • Carry out preliminary electrical safety checks
  • Undertake component electrical tests
  • Identify faults
  • Isolate circuits safely

Day two - How a Combi works:

  • The principles of how combi boilers operate

  • Installation requirements

  • Commissioning process

  • The sequence of operation

  • The function and operation of principal components

Day three - Boiler Diagnostics:

  • Opportunity to use the skills gained from the previous 2 courses
  • Better understand the sequence of operation of different types of boiler
  • Fault finding using a multimeter
  • Diagnose and repair common boiler problems on dry and live boilers

Who should attend?

Heating engineers, installers and maintenance engineers who require a more detailed understanding of boiler diagnostics.

Suggested prior knowledge or understanding

Candidates are required to have knowledge of heating and hot water systems.

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