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We have an extensive library of video guides for installers who are members of the Baxi Works loyalty scheme. These include installation, service and maintenance guides for most of our current boiler ranges, uSense and IFOS installation and troubleshooting guides and business support videos to help you market your business.

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Baxi uSense not connecting to Wifi

Baxi uSense not connecting to wifi

If you are having problems connecting your Baxi uSense to the wifi, our trainer Ian Trott can take you through some simple checks you can do to help solve the problem.

Spark Electrode Check

How to check the spark electrode

Regular usage over a long period of time can wear heavily on the spark electrode on HE and HEA boilers, but by using our simple tests you can diagnose any potential fault between the igniter and the spark electrode.

How to set a gas valve

How to set the gas valve (Combustion Check)

To complete a combustion check, it may be necessary to set the gas valve and make final adjustments to your high and low gas rates. Follow our easy to use step by step video guide.

Assembling Taps

Assembling the taps on a Baxi 200 and 400 Combi

Follow our easy step by step guide on how to assemble taps on a Baxi 200 and 400 Combi. Don’t forget to wear cut proof gloves and always complete the basic electric safety checks.

No pump over run

No pump over run and easy wiring for Baxi 200 and 400 heat only boilers

Our trainer Ian Trott explains no pump overrun, what this means to installers and how it makes wiring easier for Baxi 200 and 400 heat only boilers.

Basic electrical checks

Basic electrical checks

Watch our guide to ensure you are safe at all times when working on boilers to avoid injury.

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