What does ErP mean for installers

We explain how ErP affects installers and what they need to do to be compliant

Product awareness and a whole system approach

ErP covers all heating and hot water products, but when it comes to boilers, the scope of ErP is limited to domestic and commercial products with an output lower than 400kW.  Boilers that do not meet the requirements of ErP can't be legally installed and anyone found working with non-compliant products can be subject to fines or legal action.

As part of the Energy Labelling Directive, all heating and hot water products will be issued with an efficiency rating which must be visible on the product at the point of sale.

As well as the label on the product, and energy label is also required for the installed system, depending on the components used. It is the job of the installer to calculate the efficiency figure for the whole heating system. For example, if you are installing a boiler, hot water cylinder and controls, you would need to complete a fiche to calculate an efficiency figure for the entire system.

ErP Calculator

Our handy ErP Calculator makes this process easier for installers. Simply input the components installed and the calculator will work out the efficiency rating and make a complete product fiche and energy label for the installer to download and give to the householder.

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Baxi explains the elements that make up an ErP label
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