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What is the fiche and how is it filled out? 

Under the Energy Labelling directive, installers will be required to fill out a new document when they complete an installation - whether for a simple boiler replacement or a whole new heating system. This document is called a fiche, and it is a supporting document to the energy label.

There is no standard format for a fiche but it must provide certain information relating to the performance and efficiency of the products installed. Suppliers are required to provide a fiche at the point of sale - usually in or with the product brochure or any other literature in the box, and installers are required to provide a fiche to the consumer when they complete the installation.

"Why can't I just use the fiche that's supplied in the box?"

The ErP Directive states that installers must provide a fiche to the consumer which records the efficiency of their whole heating system. While each product will be supplied with a completed fiche at the point of sale, heating installations usually consist of more than one appliance. This means that the installer will need to work out the combined efficiency of the products they have installed and then provide this new fiche to the consumer.

Each product performs differently, even if they are from the same range. This also applies when installing water cylinders and/or solar panels as part of a larger system.

Baxi makes it easy

Baxi has made it easy for you to work out a systems efficiency and print the fiche.

We've created an ErP Calculation Tool to help installers work out a system's efficiency. After inputting the products that have been installed, the ErP Calculation Tool will work out the combined efficiency rating and provide installers with a completed, printable fiche.

Use Baxi's ErP calculation tool

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