Using genuine parts

Safety, reliability and longevity – three words customers look for when having their boiler serviced and/or repaired. You can build their confidence in you as an installer and your work by using genuine parts.

Replacing parts in a boiler when carrying out a service or repair is a common part of the job, but have you ever stopped to think about where those parts come from, or whether they are recommended by the manufacturer of the boiler or approved for use in that boiler? If not, why not? You could be putting your reputation and your customer’s safety at risk.

Cutting corners

Chances are, your customer will want to take the cheapest route and opt for the part with the lowest upfront cost – be honest, we’ve all been guilty of this at some point in our lives. This could, however, end up costing them more financially in the long term. After all, just because a counterfeit part fits a boiler, it doesn’t mean it has been approved for use in the boiler. This could lead to avoidable and costly call-outs, as well as voiding the boiler’s warranty.

Copy parts, be it a flue or heat exchanger, can be poor quality, unreliable and put the homeowner and their property at risk. They can be substandard, made from lower quality materials that are not built to last.

Putting your business at risk

Counterfeit products could cost more than you think. Consider the potential harm to your reputation if the boiler breaks down or there is an accident.

It’s simple to say no to non-manufacturer approved parts. Baxi Genuine Parts carry the correct certification for use as replacements in Baxi boilers and are tested rigorously to meet tough quality standards. We can be sure that each Baxi-approved part is safe, reliable and built to last.

Back to Baxi

All Baxi Genuine Parts are tested and approved to work properly as part of a Baxi boiler, are fully compliant with all European standards and legislation and come with a one-year warranty for added peace of mind – demonstrating the quality of each part.

Spotting a Baxi Genuine Part is simple. They are only available through our network of approved stockists and will come in a Baxi branded box with the Baxi Genuine Parts stamp.

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