Top tips to find your perfect apprentice

Whether you want to help train the next generation of heating engineers to help fill the skills gap, take on someone to share your workload, or give a young person the chance to learn a trade that will stand them in good stead for life, taking on apprentice can be a daunting prospect. We’ve put together some hints and tips that could help you make the right decision.

How to find your candidates

  • Contact your local Job Centre and let them know you are looking for an apprentice
  • Contact local schools and colleges and ask them to put your advertisement on their student noticeboard
  • Advertise in your local newspaper – or even put an advert in the local Post Office or community noticeboard
  • Ask around. You may know friends or other engineers who know of a young person looking for an apprentice for a trade.

Attract good candidates
If you offer a good wage, give time for them to attend college and study and have plan in place to help them learn, you are more likely to attract applicants who are really serious about learning your trade.

Sending them to the merchant for ‘a long weight’ or asking them to replace the bubble in the spirit level is funny the first time but could wear thin for an apprentice who is eager to learn!  Nor do they only want to make the tea and do the fetching and carrying.  They are with you to learn your trade.  So, make sure you find some jobs they can do, with you overseeing at first, as this will really help them put into practice what they learn in college.  Be patient – we were all learners once!

What to look for in an apprentice
Here’s a quick guide of what to look for when you interview a prospective apprenticeship.  Remember, this could be their first interview and they may be a bit rough round the edges, so look out for that diamond, hiding their light under a bushel! 


  • Are they willing to learn new skills?
  • Do they have a positive attitude?
  • Are they ready for a challenge?


  • Do they show up on time?
  • Are they dressed appropriately?
  • Are they prepared, for example, have they prepared some questions to ask you?
  • Are they keen to impress you?
  • Do they mess about on their phone all day instead of working?


  • Are they respectful and polite?
  • Do you think they will communicate well with your customers as well as other colleagues?
  • Not too shy to ask questions or for help about what they don’t understand

Team player

  • Will they fit in with the rest of your team?
  • Do they have good interpersonal skills?


This is not, of course, a definitive list, but bear these things in mind – you will have a gut feeling when you find the right person!

We wish you a long and happy partnership with your new apprentice!

If you are a Baxi Works member and already have an apprentice in mind check out the Baxi Apprentice Scheme