New IFOS range makes it even easier to comply with Boiler Plus

Following the successful launch of the Multifit IFOS (In flue Outdoor Sensor) in April 2018 we are pleased to announce a new and improved IFOS range that will make it even easier for installers to meet the requirements of Boiler Plus.

Due to popular installer demand, the new IFOS can now be fitted on vertical as well as horizontal flues. We have also launched a range of accessories, including the Multifit IFOS System and the Multifit IFOS Ridge Tile Kit.

The new model now comes with both horizontal and vertical flue terminal sensor clips as well as a comfort accessory enabling hotter radiators when required.

Customers with system boilers can also enjoy the benefits of weather compensation. The Multifit IFOS System relay simply clips onto the printed circuit board (PCB), making it compatible with the Baxi 600 System, the Main Eco Compact System and the Potterton Assure System.

The new Multifit IFOS Ridge Tile kit has been designed with the installer at heart. When a vertical flue needs to end with a ridge tile terminal kit, the IFOS is pre-fitted into the terminal, making installation much simpler and reducing additional work at height.

The Multifit IFOS extension pack can safely extend the length of Multifit IFOS combi, Multifit IFOS system or Multifit IFOS Ridge Tile kit by up to five metres, providing installers with even more flexibility of siting.

The IFOS is a cost-effective means of complying with the requirements of Boiler Plus and can also provide additional SAP benefits for new-build homes. Its simple installation, without the need for drilling and disruption, and its no-fuss usability makes it the perfect weather compensation solution.

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