Business support – let’s talk about branding

Here Adam Callow, CEO at Expert Trades, explains the basics of branding and why it’s important for you and your business.

What is a brand?

Essentially, it’s a promise that you are making to your customers. Your brand is the thing that helps you stand out from your competitors and the reason why customers choose you over another.

What do you mean by brand?

Your brand covers everything from business cards, to the fonts you use on your website, to your van livery and workwear. It’s a representation of you, when you can’t be there in person.


In a digital world, images are key. Consider, for example, how well your logo translates on a business card, on social media, on your website and also how it might look if it filled a poster or a billboard.

It’s more than just a logo

Big corporations spend a fortune researching logo designs, colours etc, just remember a brand is more than just a logo. Whilst it’s important, there is more to you and your business, so don’t invest massively in this one element, think about the whole package.

Your brand includes you

When you’re going into people’s homes, make sure you are clean and tidy – I’m not talking about the latest designer gear, just a clean t-shirt and boots can make the difference between being seen as a reputable person and business, to not getting the job.

Where do I start?

It may sound like a basic, but start at the beginning and ask yourself why you started the business in the first place. Do you feel you have something new or special to offer? Also consider what lasting impression you want to leave – this is essentially your brand - its everything you display and convey to your customers and the market.

For further information or to watch the video content, please visit Baxi Works if you have any specific questions around brand, please feel free to email the Expert Trades team direct