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We’ve all seen them – knock-offs of luxury brands like Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Armani. We know they couldn’t possibly be the real thing at that price, but wouldn’t it be nice to have something with that brand name? Surely people wouldn’t be able to tell from a distance that it’s a fake?

We have free van stickers – ‘I install Baxi Genuine Parts’ – so you can promote and offer assurance to your customers.

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Like you, we put quality first – so look out for the Baxi 100% Genuine stamp on all your spare parts


Maybe that’s right, and maybe it wouldn’t matter if the stitching came undone after wearing it a few times or the catch broke the first time you used it.  But then, a fake watch or jacket isn’t really very dangerous is it?

Now, let’s apply the same thought to an important component in a boiler.  Maybe a fan or PCB, or even a gas carrying part.  What happens if that breaks or leaks after a few uses?

Gas boilers are advanced pieces of engineering, designed to work at a high level for years, withstanding constant wear and tear of heating up and cooling down, working with gas, electricity and water.  When boilers go through the certification process which ensures they are safe to use and fit for purpose, all their component parts are approved for use in that boiler too.

Parts that are not supplied by the manufacturer, or have been refurbished, are not approved for use in their boilers and do not carry the right quality certification.

More often than not, cheap, counterfeit parts are, at best, unreliable, made from poor quality materials and simply not up to the job.  In the worst case scenario, they can be downright dangerous!  In any case, they can affect the reliability of the boiler, cause avoidable, costly call-outs and make the boiler warranty invalid.

The person responsible for selling or installing counterfeit parts risks damaging their reputation and they are liable in the event of a prosecution.

Why choose Baxi Genuine Parts?

In the heating business, safety means everything and Baxi Genuine Parts (formerly Interpart) has been a trusted supplier of high quality, genuine parts for over 30 years.

Like you, we put quality and safety first, so all Baxi Genuine Parts are rigorously tested to ensure their quality and reliability and are approved for use in our boilers.  They are fully compliant with Gas Safe regulations and come with a one year warranty for added peace of mind.

Our parts are only available through our network of approved stockists.  You can identify the part you need here and find your nearest stockist here.

Our new Baxi Genuine Parts campaign

Like you, we’ve worked hard to get a good reputation, and, like you, we want to ensure our boilers work safely and reliably for many years.  That’s why we are launching our new advertising campaign, promoting the use of Baxi Genuine Parts – ‘…like you’- that features the following messages:


Reliable, like you
You’ve worked hard to build a reputation for being honest, skilful and reliable.  The parts you use should be reliable too.  Demand more from your spare parts, Demand Baxi Genuine Parts.

Safe, like you
You work safely, and you should be confident the parts you use are safe too. Demand more from your spare parts, Demand Baxi Genuine Parts.

Quality, like you
You’re proud of the quality of your work. Why cut corners by installing cheap copy parts?  Demand more from your spare parts, Demand Baxi Genuine Parts.

Genuine, like you
You are a genuine tradesperson. Why risk your reputation by installing cheap copy parts?  Demand more from your spare parts, Demand Baxi Genuine Parts.