Activate your 3 year warranty*

Thank you for choosing Baxi!


To activate your 3 year  Baxi Assure Heat Pump warranty please call us on:

0344 736 0092

3 year warranty check list

  • Installation carried out by a Baxi Approved Heat Pump installer and commissioned by a Baxi Heating UK Limited engineer
  • Warranty is registered with Baxi within 30 days of commissioning
  • The heat pump has an annual service

To register, call us on 0344 736 0092.

*To qualify for 3 year warranty, the Baxi Assure Heat Pump must be installed by a Baxi Approved installer and commissioned by a Baxi Heating Limited engineer and is subject to regular maintenance and an annual service. Installation must be made in accordance with the issued Baxi installation instructions.

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