Internal Fit Flue

Baxi Internal Fit Flue


Internal Fit Flue

Perfect for installations at height or even at ground level, the internal fit telescopic flue can be fitted safely and quickly by one person from inside the property, reducing the need for ladders.

The multi-lip weather seal protects the flue hole from wind or rain ingress and comes provided in two sizes as standard (60/100mm and oversize) to suite new or ageing flue holes.

A large external rubber gasket covers the flue hole from the outside ensuring the installation looks neat and negates the need to make good with sand and cement saving time.

A specific plume displacement kit is available to compliment this internal fit flue range to safely manage the effects of plume.

Compatible with the following only:

  • Baxi 200 / 400 / 600 / 800 Combi and System 2
  • Baxi Assure 500 Combi and System 2

Features and Benefits

Easy installation

Safer, quicker installation


Short and long options available


Fits directly and neatly onto the top of the boiler


Can be installed safely and quickly by one person from inside the property (reducing the need for ladders)

Weather seal

Multi-lip weather seal protects the flue hole from wind and rainwater ingress helping meet Part L (Building Regulations). 


Compatible with Baxi 200, 400, 600, and 800 Combi and System 2 Boilers
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Baxi Internal Fit Flue - Technical drawing


Internal Fit Telescopic Flue & Elbow

  • Short 300mm to 470mm 
  • Long 420mm to 690mm

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