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Baxi 200 Combi 2

The Baxi 200 Combi 2 has a 2-year parts and labour warranty, is lightweight and contains a stainless steel heat exchanger.

Features and Benefits

Multiple outputs

Available in outputs of 24 and 28kW, natural gas or LPG 

Safer and cleaner

Combined PrV with separate drain to facilitate a safer and cleaner boiler drain down for repair 


Colour coded and removable wiring blocks to save time during installation 


Optional stand off frame to offer flexibility for hidden and neat pipework

Quicker installation

Compatible with internal fit telescopic flue for a safer and quicker one-person fit installation from inside the property


Under 30kg installer lift weight for easy installation
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Baxi 400-200 Combi Boiler Dimensions


A: Boiler Width = 390mm

B: Boiler Height = 700mm

C: Boiler Depth = 285mm

D: Side Clearance = 5mm

E: Upper Clearance = 178mm

F: Lower Clearance = 200mm

G: Front Clearance = 5mm in operation (450mm for servicing)

Technical Specification

Related controls and accessories are optional.

Product Model

224 Combi 2

224 Combi LPG 2

228 Combi 2

Product Code779061278042637790613
Concealed User ControlsNoNoNo
User Adjustable DHW temperature (Range - 35° to 60° (+- 5C))YesYesYes
User Adjustable CH temperature (Range - 25° to 80° (+- 5C))YesYesYes
Temperature / Fault Diagnosis DisplayYesYesYes
Natural gasYesNoYes
Propane LPGNoYesNo
Inlet supply pressure (natural gas) - mbar (nominal)20-20
Maximum Gas Rate (G20) Qmax - m³ / hr2,61-3,06
Heat Input CH
kW (max) Gross (QnHs)22,922,922,9
kW (min) Gross (QnHs)5,45,46,7
Heat Output CH (non-condensing)
kW (Max) (Pn)202020
kW (Min) (Pn)4,84,85,8
Heat Output CH (condensing)
kW (Max) (Pnc)21,821,821,8
kW (Min) (Pnc)5,25,26,3
Heat Input domestic hot water (DHW) - kW max gross (QnwHs)27,427,432,1
Heat output domestic hot water (DHW) - kW max242428
Water heating efficiency classAAA
Permanent live requiredYesYesYes
External fuse rating (Amps)333
Pump overrunYesYesYes
Integral 'boiler only' frost thermostatYesYesYes
Maximum DHW flow rate (Delta T @ 35'C rise) (l/min)9,89,811,4
Minimum DHW flow rate required (l/min)222
Minimum operating DHW pressure required (bar)0,150,150,15
Integral expansion vessel - Size (litres)777
Maximum capacity of the CH system (litres)120120120
Integral automatic bypassYesYesYes
Installer Lift Weight (kg)26.526.527.5

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