Government announces intent to postpone the Clean Heat Market Mechanism until 1st April 2025

The Government announced today that it intends to delay the start of the Clean Heat Market Mechanism (CHMM) by one year.

We fully support a delay to the scheme’s roll out and will continue to help the Government with the development of a policy which works for consumers and industry alike, and remain committed in our support of the Government’s stated net zero ambition.

According to the Government’s web site the decision to delay the start date will be confirmed following a consultation that closes on May 9th.

As we have consistently stated, we will remove the surcharge, added to sales of new residential boilers since January 1st 2024, as soon as possible if the scheme is confirmed as delayed, and will work with our distributors to return any surcharge that we’ve already collected.

The scheme’s delay is clearly good news for consumers and we applaud the Government’s recognition that the CHMM, as intended for 1st April 2024, would result in hugely significant penalties for manufacturers, simply for not selling enough heat pumps.

A one-year delay will give Government and industry the necessary time to monitor changing consumer interest and demand in heat pumps, and the impact of the Government’s generous Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) grant of £7,500 per household. A one-year delay would also give us more time to do our part in growing the population of qualified installers able to support this important transition away from gas boilers as the default means of providing heat and hot water to homes in the UK. Website

Visit the government website for more information.

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