Air Source Heat Pump Installer Guide

Air Source Heat Pump Installer Guide - What you need to know

Our world is changing. We know we need to act to reduce emissions globally to limit further global warming and the devastating impact this is having on our world.

The UK and Irish government’s have set legally binding targets to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. And, 15 years before that, in 2035, Britain has committed to cut emissions by 78% compared to 1990 levels. With electricity well on the way to being decarbonised, heating is the next important challenge of our generation.


In this guide you'll find out more about what an air source heat pump is, how they work and the considerations for installing them. It will help you stay informed and help you inform your customers.

Air Source Heat Pump Installer Guide

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Baxi Air Source Heat Pumps

Our monobloc range of Baxi Air Source Heat Pumps will deliver reliable, energy-efficient performance. Suitable for a wide range of properties.

Commercial Heating Solutions

If you're looking to install high performing, renewable energy solutions for heating or indirect hot water production, our air source heat pumps are the efficient choice for newbuild and retrofit commercial applications.

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