Baxi Heating supports Carbon Connect inquiry into the use of low carbon gas

Jeff House, Head of External Affairs, Baxi Heating, said: “It is essential that we decarbonise heat as part of the transition to a low carbon economy and to meet our legislative carbon targets.

“The third in this series of reports will examine the feasibility of using hydrogen and green gas in the home, consumer sentiment around their use and the development of appliances that will use them.

“It is vital that we understand how consumers feel about accepting changes to the way they heat their homes, and address their ethical and safety concerns, particularly around the use of hydrogen as a heat source.

“As well as looking into the economic and technical implications, we must also ensure that the large-scale transition to decarbonisation does not adversely affect those suffering fuel poverty or who live in areas off the mains gas network.”

Carbon Connect will be launching the call for evidence on Monday 26 November and urges organisations in the heating industry to submit evidence to the inquiry.

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