Baxi Assure Vertical SHRU

Baxi Assure Vertical SHRU - Waste Water Heat Recovery Unit

The Baxi Assure Vertical SHRU is a great way to save energy and improve a property’s SAP rating. Waste water from a bath or shower flows through a heat exchanger, transferring the heat to the mains cold water feeding into the boiler.

  • Features
  • Compatible Products
  • Tabber Panel
  • Up to 66.6% heat recovery efficiency 
  • Up to 8% SAP rating benefit
  • Twin inlet means two waste pipes can feed into unit
  • No maintenance required
  • Baxi Assure range of boilers
  • Baxi Assure range of cylinders
  • Baxi Assure range of ASHPs
  • Baxi Assure IFOS / FGHR / energy boosters for Boiler Plus compliance and added SAP benefit
Baxi Assure Vertical SHRU

Product Information

Technical Features & Benefits

  • Double inlet installation possible, achieving higher SAP scoring and ability to serve two bathrooms
  • Pipe-in-pipe design with an integral heat exchanger
  • Suited to be installed with a shower installation
  • No user interface or on-going maintenance required
  • Legionella-free
  • Up to 66.6% heat recovery efficiency
  • Up to 21% heat transfer to incoming cold feed
  • Provides up to 8% SAP rating benefit

Product Training

Bespoke training is available for this product and all Baxi Assure products.

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