Decarbonisation and affordability of heat - a phased approach

We're guiding social housing and new build housing providers towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Ours is a multi-strand, phased approach, combining our complete range of heating and hot water solutions with expert advice, to ensure a smooth, cost-effective route to the de-carbonisation of housing stock. We've created this handy guide for you, filled with expert advice and guidance.


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Our guide takes you through the four phases of de-carbonisation of heat.

  1. Get your properties' fabric up to standard
  2. Start planning ahead and get properties ready for low-temperature heating
  3. Upgrade what you have today with add-ons that help to reduce energy usage
  4. When the time's right, make bigger long-term improvements

We'll help you plan ahead, weighing up budget considerations and the needs of the end-user, to decide on the right solutions at the right time. We're your partner on the road to decarbonisation with over 150 years' experience behind us, customers don't just come to us for a product; they come to us for experience, guidance and expertise.

Download the guide