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Baxi Genuine Parts

It might be difficult to tell the difference between a counterfeit part being installed into your boiler and a genuine part, but this could make a real difference to the running of your home heating system. We recommend always asking your installer to use Baxi Genuine Parts, because they have been tested and approved for use in Baxi boilers.


All Baxi Genuine Parts are supplied directly from the manufacturer. Our parts are made from good quality materials, not cheaper alternatives. They have been designed to meet rigorous quality control standards and come with a one year warranty for added peace of mind.


Baxi Genuine Parts work better and for longer, reducing the unnecessary cost of replacements. They have been designed specifically for use in our boilers to provide optimum performance and fuel efficiency. Our parts are easy to install, reducing labour repair costs, and they are designed to maintain boiler's longevity.


All our parts are fully compliant with Gas Safe Regulations, protecting you and your home. Most importantly, your warranty may become invalid if counterfeit parts have been used. Please check your warranty terms and conditions for more information.

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