Baxi Air Source Heat Pump Cylinder

The Baxi Air Source Heat Pump Cylinder has been specially designed and manufactured in the UK by Baxi and Heatrae Sadia experts.

It is the perfect fit with the Baxi Air Source Heat Pump and the cleverly designed large coil heat exchanger inside means the water heats up extremely quickly and efficiently. It delivers excellent water pressure, providing fast-filling baths and invigorating showers.

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Baxi Air Source Heat Pump Cylinder
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Features and benefits

Technical specifications

Product Height Width Depth Weight (empty) Weight (full) Capacity Element rating ErP rating Order code
mm mm mm kg kg litres @240kW
210L HP 1524 579 652 46 255 209 1 x 3 B 7736225
250L HP 1837 579 652 54 300 246 1 x 3 C 7736226
300L HP 2088 579 652 62 349 287 1 x 3 C 7736227

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Save £7,500 with the Boiler Upgrade Scheme


If you are upgrading your heating system, have you considered installing an air source heat pump? Right now, you could be eligible for a grant of £7,500 to help with the installation cost.

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  • Grants for heat pumps
  • Getting my home ready for an Air Source Heat Pump
  • How do Air Source Heat Pumps work?
  • Frequently asked questions about the Boiler Upgrade Scheme
  • How to restart your Air Source Heat Pump again after a power cut

Different parts of the UK may offer different grants to help you with the cost of installing an air source heat pump. We provide a brief overview and links to some of the main organisations that you can contact for further information on grants and loans.

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Here we answer some of the most common questions that people ask when they are starting to think about having an air source heat pump.

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An air source heat pump takes heat from the air and boosts it to a higher temperature using a compressor. It then transfers the heat to the heating system in the home. It works a bit like a refrigerator in reverse.

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The government boiler upgrade scheme was launched in April 2022. It will provide a boiler upgrade grant to help owners of domestic and small non-domestic properties in England or Wales with the upfront cost of installing low carbon heating systems, such as heat pumps. It will run from 2022 to 2025.

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When the power comes back on after a power cut, your air source heat pump controls will all come back on again normally, and there is nothing you have to reset. Please watch our video for more information.

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