Baxi uSense 2 Smart Room Thermostat

The Baxi uSense 2 is a simple to use smart room thermostat compatible with Baxi combi boilers and air source heat pumps.

As well as helping to comply with the Building Regulations, you can schedule your heating to come on each day to suit you and your household’s lifestyle.

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Baxi uSense Smart Control
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Features and benefits

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Technical specifications

  • 2 year parts-only warranty
  • Boiler+ compliant when fitted to the new ranges (Combi only)
  • Low voltage control
  • Zoning capability for floor space >180m2 (requires multiple uSense 2)
  • Optional Baxi uSense 2 Gateway and Power Adaptor Kit
  • ERP Control Class ‘V’ Contributing 3% in SAP
  • Our Thermostat app to control heating and hot water schedules remotely via a smart device for greater comfort


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