Electric Boilers

Our electric boilers are highly efficient and low maintenance – perfect for homes off the mains gas network

Electric boilers are a great solution for properties off the mains gas network, whether in rural areas or in urban sites where there may be fluing restrictions. They are also perfect for high-rise buildings where installation of other heating products may not be possible.

Flues are not required with electric boilers, making the installation much easier. Once installed, their solid-state technology has no moving parts, there is no requirement for an annual safety certificate and they require minimal servicing.

As with all heating systems, it is necessary to have your property surveyed by a qualified heating engineer to make sure they install the right output of electric boiler to meet the heating and hot water needs of your household.

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Our solutions

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Low carbon solutions

Discover how you can reduce the carbon footprint of your home when you have a correctly designed low carbon heating system installed.

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