Baxi Indirect Cylinder

The Baxi Indirect cylinder is perfect for use with Baxi system or heat only boilers.

It delivers excellent water pressure for homes with higher demand for hot water, providing fast-filling baths and invigorating showers. The clever 'coil-in-coil' heat exchange inside means the water heats up extremely quickly, and the insulation means it is extremely energy efficient.

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Features and benefits


  125i 145i 170i 210i 250i 300i
A - Cold water inlet mm 355 355 355 356 356 355
B - Immersion heater mm N/A N/A N/A 900 1100 1418
C - T&P relief value mm 728 883 1008 1084 1309 1574
D - Height mm 1131 1258 1414 1516 1767 2081
Weight dry kg 34 38 41 41 51 54
Dimensions - Indirect
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Product literature

Technical specifications

  • Internal expansion with floating baffle
  • Insulated T and P valve
  • 50mm thick cylinder insulation
  • High grade duplex stainless steel
  • 76 litres per minute of hot water
  • 25-year warranty for complete peace of mind

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Units   125i 145i 170i 210i 250i 300i
Part number   7798178  7798179 7798180 7798181 7798182 7798183
Nominal capacity   125 145 170 210 250 300
Coil rating (@15l/min at 80 kW 11.6 11.8 12.5 12.8 13 11.8
Heat up times (@15l/min at 80 mins  31 35 40 45 54 65
Heat loss Kwh/24h  1.28 1.39 1.6 1.82 1.84 2.18
ErP rating   C C C C C C
Mix water delivery to 40°C litres 176 197 233 258 320 386
Max mains pressure bar 16
Max design pressure bar 8
Operating pressure bar 3
Max primary pressure bar 10
Expansion relief valve setting bar 8
T&P valve setting °C/bar
Immersion heater electrical rating kW @240V  3 3 3 3 3 3

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