Baxi Direct Cylinder

The Baxi Direct cylinder is perfect for homes off the mains gas network.

Using an electric immersion heater, it is available in a range of capacities to provide hot water to suit your needs, whatever size your home. It is insulated for the best possible heat retention and energy efficiency.

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Features and benefits


      125d 145d 170d 210d 250d 300d
A - Cold water inlet mm 356 356 356 356 356 355
B - Immersion heater mm 394 394 394 394 395 396
C - Boost immersion heater mm 668 680 804 900 1110 1413
D - T&P relief value mm 782 883 1008 1084 1309 1574
E - Height mm 1131 1258 1414 1516 1767 2081
Weight dry kg 25 31 34 38 46 56
Baxi Direct

Product literature

Technical specifications

  • Internal expansion with floating baffle
  • Insulated T and P valve
  • 50mm thick cylinder insulation
  • High grade duplex stainless steel 
  • 76 litres per minute of hot water
  • 25-year warranty

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Units   125d 145d 170d 210d 250d 300d
Part number   7798172 7798173 7798174 7798175 7798176 7798177
Nominal capacity   125 145 170 210 250 300
Immersion heater rating kW 2 x 3 2 x 3 2 x 3 2 x 3 2 x 3 2 x 3
Heat up times
(lower immersion)
mins  139 175 193 205 267 309
Heat up times (bottom immersion) mins 65 83 87 89 96 92
Heat up times (both immersion) mins 62 79 88 90 98 93
ErP rating   C C C C C C
Mix water delivery to 40 °C litres 176  197  233  258 320  386
Max mains pressure bar 16
Max design pressure   8
Operating pressure bar 3
Max primary pressure bar 10
Expansion relief valve setting bar 8
T&P valve setting °C/bar

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