What temperature should my boiler be set at?

Boilers come in all shapes and sizes, with lots of features or just a few. If you want to know what temperature should a condensing boiler be set at, or any kind of boiler, this guide will give you a good idea.

An important thing to consider: Setting your boiler’s temperature higher will give you hot radiators, but it could decrease its efficiency. Ramping up the temp to max could decrease it by up to 20%, and send your heating bills skyrocketing. If you want a lovely warm home and a long-lasting boiler, it’s about getting the right balance.

What temperature should my boiler be set at in winter?

We all want to stay cosy in the winter. Some cosier than others. There’s no magic number for the ideal temperature. If you’re looking for a good balance of warmth and efficiency, you want to set your boiler to at least 65°C. Setting it a few degrees higher won’t hurt. But it’s important not to set it any lower than that. This is so bacteria in the water doesn’t grow, and cause nasty things like Legionella.

For those who like things hot, it is tempting to set your boiler temp higher in the winter. However, there is a chance this will start to stress out your boiler. An overworked boiler will likely have a reduced lifespan, decreased efficiency, and be more prone to breakdowns and repairs.

What temperature should my boiler be set at in summer?

In summer, you’re less likely to have the radiators on. If you are, you’ll probably not want them to be radiating at the heat of a blast furnace. Like in winter, if you want to know what temperature a condensing boiler should be set at, make sure it’s no lower than 65°C.

This inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria in your water supply, so keep it at 65°C and no lower.

What is the best temperature setting for central heating?

When it comes to setting room temperature, the sweet spot is between 18°C and 21°C. This is within most people’s comfort zone. For bedroom temperatures, if possible, you want it around 16°C to 19°C. This is the best temperature for a good night’s sleep, according to the Sleep Foundation. Keeping the thermostat between those limits is the best temperature setting for central heating, and makes for a happy, comfortable home.

How to change the temperature on my boiler