Do I need a carbon monoxide detector fitted?

For you and your family's safety, it is advisable to fit a carbon monoxide alarm in each room in your home that has a gas appliance or solid fuel heating.

Place them in every room containing a fuel-burning appliance, such as a gas boiler, fire or stove and in every room through which a flue from one of those appliances passes. For ultimate protection, place a carbon monoxide detector in every room you spend time in when awake and in bedrooms where you sleep.

Do not fit detectors in enclosed spaces, like in cupboards or behind curtains or furniture, and don't place the carbon monoxide detector near windows, doors or fans, or in damp places such as bathrooms or next to extractor fans and cooker hobs.

If you are installing the alarm in the same room as the appliance, make sure it is between 1 metre and 3 metres horizontally from the appliance. You can fix the alarm to the wall or place it on a shelf or a bookcase, ideally above the level of any doors, windows or vents in the room and at least 15cm from the ceiling. If you decide to fix it to the ceiling, make sure it is at least 30cm away from the walls or any light fittings.

If you are installing the alarm in a room without an appliance, make sure it is about at head height (your breathing level). You could stand it on a table or shelf.

Once your carbon monoxide alarms have been installed, test them regularly by pressing the test button (refer to the user manual) and replace the batteries as soon as the ‘low battery’ signal beeps.