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Why should I have a filter fitted and will having a magnetic water filter save me money?

Many boiler breakdowns that occur are due to sludge in the heating system. This ‘sludge’ (which is also known as magnetite) is caused by fragments of rust and other debris in the pipes that accumulates over time and, if left, can cause cold patches on your radiators, make your boiler work harder to heat your home and also can block or damage the components inside your boiler.

A magnetic filter will attract the magnetic debris in the system water before it enters your boiler, which has many benefits:

  • It can extend the life of your boiler and central heating system
  • It reduces the risk of your boiler breaking down and having to pay for costly callouts
  • It reduces the expense of replacement parts
  • It can reduce your energy bills by up to £80
  • It can reduce your carbon emissions by 7%
  • It can increase the heat from your radiators by up to 47%

It is worth noting that our boiler warranties do not cover damage to the boiler that is caused by sludge in the system. You can read more in our boiler warranty terms and conditions.

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