Trouble Shooting

What to do if my boiler keeps losing pressure

It is quite normal to need to top up your boiler pressure once or twice a year. However, if your boiler keeps losing pressure, call your local Baxi Gas Safe registered installer or Baxi Customer Support who will come and check your boiler system.

What should the water pressure be when my boiler is not working?

When your boiler is not working, the pressure gauge should be set at about 1.5 bar. On the pressure gauge on the front of your boiler, the needle will be in the centre of the green triangle on the dial. If the needle is below 1 bar, in the red area, you may be thinking why is my boiler pressure low? Your boiler may not work and it will display an error code and you will need to top up the pressure. You can do this by following our videos here.

What should the water pressure be when my boiler is working?

When your boiler is heating up your hot water or radiators, the needle will go up a little, but should not go higher than about 2.5 bar. The needle should stay in the green section. If it is too high, a safety valve is fitted that will discharge water to keep the pressure at a safe level. You may need to bleed your radiators to reduce the pressure in the system. Follow our 8 simple steps on how to bleed a radiator here.

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