What do Baxi error codes E23, E53, E113, E119 or E128 mean?

If your boiler has shut down and is showing error code E28, E53, E113, E119 or E128 then your condensate pipe may be frozen. 

Please follow these steps to get your boiler up and running again: 

  • Switch your boiler off at the control panel, and turn off the electricity at the wall. 
  • Find where the pipe is frozen, usually the most exposed part of the pipe. 
  • Warm the condensate pipe across its exposed length using either a hot water bottle, a microwaveable heat pack or warm water poured from a watering can. Do not use boiling water straight from the kettle as this could damage the pipe. 
  • Turn the power back on at the wall and restart your boiler. Repeat the process until the boiler works again. 

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