What do Baxi error codes mean?

If your boiler develops a problem, it will often display an error code on the control panel that will help you or your Gas Safe registered installer identify what went wrong. Some issues are easy to put right yourself, while others need to be fixed by your installer.

Each boiler has its own set of error codes, which can be found in the boiler’s user guide.  

Here are the most common errors that you can put right yourself:
  • If the error code indicates a loss of pressure, it is simple to top up the water pressure yourself. We explain how here.

If your boiler is displaying an error that you can’t put right yourself, make a note of the error code as it appears on your boiler’s display (this may be as numbers, letters or even flashing lights) and give your installer this information, along with the model of boiler, as this will help them identify what needs to be done.

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