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Which Baxi boiler do I have?

The easiest way to find out which Baxi boiler you have is by looking at the instructions that came with it. It is always worth keeping these in a safe place, because they also include the Benchmark Checklist that your installer should have carried out when they fitted the boiler and also the boiler’s service history, which should be completed by the engineer when they carry out your annual service.

However, if you no longer have the instruction booklet, the serial number on the boiler provides all the information about the make, model and age of the boiler. It can usually be found on a sticker either on the inside of the drop down panel or on a pull out tag underneath. If you call Baxi Customer Support on 0330 678 0917 with the serial number, it has all the information we need to tell you which boiler you have.

Serial Numbers

How old is my Baxi boiler?

If your boiler has a permanent pilot light, which you can usually see burning through a window on the front case of the boiler, it is a non-condensing boiler and likely to have been installed before 2005. This is when the Building Regulations changed, requiring all new boiler installations to be high efficiency, or condensing, boilers. If your boiler has a white plastic pipe coming out of the bottom and going into a waste pipe, you have a condensing boiler which was probably installed after 2005.

If your boiler was manufactured after 2003, the serial number will look like this, and you can find out the year it was made:

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