My Baxi

The brand new app for your Baxi uSense smart thermostat

My Baxi - the brand new app for your Baxi uSense smart thermostat

My Baxi is the new app to control your Baxi uSense smart room thermostat. We have built it on a new platform to ensure it is futureproof and can accommodate all the great features we have planned.

We have listened to all the feedback from our app testers and have developed the new app to be easy and quick to use – we hope you will agree it is much more intuitive than the previous version.

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Features and Benefits

  • Stable and secure platform – ready to accommodate lots of new features in the future
  • User-friendly – we carried out lots of research with users to make sure all the functions are easy to find, clearly explained and quick to adjust
  • All your settings will be migrated over to the new app – you won’t have to start from scratch setting up new heating schedules
  • Control your heating and hot water, wherever you are!
  • Set temperature – create schedules for your heating to suit your own lifestyle and needs
  • Hot water setting – choose from Comfort or Eco, and at the right temperature for you
  • Energy consumption – see how much energy you are using every day, month or year
  • Holiday mode – enter your holiday dates and the temperature will be set on anti-frost while you are away, then come back to a nice warm home
  • Link to your smart home devices for even greater control

Upgrading to the new My Baxi app is easy

The NEW My Baxi app will replace your old uSense app and give you lots of new and clever functions to help you get the best from your heating and hot water.

You will shortly see a notification on your uSense app on your smart device asking you to download the new My Baxi app. This is because we have built it on a brand-new platform, so you need to download a new app rather than just update the old version.

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