How to repressurise your boiler if you have a digital pressure gauge

It is quite normal to need to top up the water pressure in your boiler occasionally. This is a simple job that you can do yourself.


The latest ranges of Baxi boilers have got a digital pressure gauge on the front. If your boiler is showing the error code A.02.06 or H.02.07, it is indicating that the pressure is too low for the boiler to work and needs topping up.


It is easy to top up the water pressure using the green Easyfill filling link underneath your boiler. Watch our video below to see exactly how to do it. Please watch the video right to the end before attempting to top up your boiler water pressure.

How to repressurise a boiler 

It is quite simple to top up the water pressure in your boiler. You should be able to do it yourself without having to call a heating engineer.

How to fix high boiler pressure

The water pressure inside your boiler should be between 1 and 2 bar.