How to register your boiler warranty and keep it valid

What do I have to do to register my Baxi boiler warranty?


First, check with your installer to see if they registered your boiler warranty when they carried out the Gas Safe notification. If they haven’t done it already, you should register the warranty online or call our warranty registration phoneline on 0800 013 7989. You will need your boiler’s serial number and the address and postcode of where it is installed.


Who is responsible for registering the warranty of my boiler – me or the installer?


In order to get the length of warranty that goes with the boiler model installed, it is beneficial to you, the homeowner, to make sure that either your installer has registered the warranty, or that you have done it yourself. If the boiler warranty is not registered within 30 days of installation, the warranty defaults to the standard two years.


I’ve moved into a new build property. How do I register my Baxi boiler warranty?


Depending on what has been agreed on the contract, either the contractor, developer or first occupier may register the boiler. If you are not sure if the boiler has been registered, you can visit the warranty section of the Baxi website, start the process of registering using your boiler’s serial number, and if your boiler is already registered the form will tell you.


How do I keep my Baxi boiler warranty valid?


To keep your boiler warranty valid, the warranty must be registered within 30 days of installation, your installer must complete the Benchmark checklist and you need to arrange for an annual service, during which your heating engineer should check that the water in your heating system is clean and that sludge is not present. If the boiler components are damaged because of sludge and dirt in the system water, this won’t be covered by the warranty, and may incur a charge to repair.


If you have a Baxi 800 boiler installed, the magnetic filter that is supplied with the boiler must be fitted and maintained for the length of the boiler warranty for the 10-year warranty to remain valid.