How to change the temperature on my boiler

Your boiler’s controls


Most modern boilers have temperature controls, radiator controls, and thermostats for the boiler, cylinder tank, or room. Yours might have all, few, or none of these things. Whatever your boiler, consult its manual and get acquainted with it. You can find most manuals online. They might also tell you what temperature your boiler should be set at in summer and winter.


Setting the boiler controls


Once you’re acquainted with your boiler, its settings, and how it shows information, you should be able to alter the settings. Temperature settings are usually changed by a dial or a digital display – make sure you’re changing the correct settings!


An important thing to consider: Setting your boiler’s temperature higher will give you hot radiators, but it could decrease its efficiency. Ramping up the temp to max could decrease it by up to 20%, and send your heating bills skyrocketing. If you want a lovely warm home and a long-lasting boiler, it’s about getting the right balance.


How to set the temperature on a Baxi boiler


If you’re lucky enough to have one of our boilers, here’s where we let you know what temperature a condensing boiler should be set at, or any other of our boilers. There are a lot of Baxi models – we’ve been around since 1866 – so how to set the temperature on a Baxi boiler differs from model to model.


However, we’ve made it easy to find your model with the list of our boilers on our website. Most of our models have simple, intuitive controls, and our user guides are comprehensive and very helpful. If you don’t have a Baxi boiler, the manufacturer should hopefully have user guides for your particular model on their website.