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Boiler maintenance and advice

Why is my boiler pressure high?

Why is my boiler pressure high?

If your boiler pressure is too high, it could be because a radiator has been removed, e.g. while decorating a room, and the system was overfilled when it was replaced. If the water pressure continues to be high after bleeding the radiators, please call your heating engineer, or Baxi Customer Support to check the system is safe to use. 

How can I reduce the pressure in my boiler?

The best way to reduce the pressure in your boiler is to bleed the radiators. Before you start, make sure your central heating system is switched off. You’ll need the radiators to be cool enough to handle. Some modern radiators can be bled with a screwdriver. However, for most types of radiator, you’ll need to use a radiator key.
1. Attach the radiator key into the square section in the centre of the radiator valve
2. Use a cloth or strong tissue paper to hold the radiator key
3. Have another cloth under the radiator valve to catch any drips
4. Turn the radiator key slowly in an anti-clockwise direction
5. Allow water to leak out of the valve until the pressure gauge on the boiler returns to 1.5 bar
6. Close the valve quickly by turning the radiator key
7. Check the pressure gauge on your boiler. If it’s too low you’ll need to top up pressure again

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