Getting your boiler serviced every year is a bit like getting your car serviced. We wouldn’t drive our cars without getting the brakes checked, exhaust tested and the oil changed to make sure it is running safely and reliably. You should think of your boiler in the same way; it heats up and cools down several times a day, pumps hot water round your radiators and makes sure you have running hot water whenever you need it. Getting it checked regularly by a Gas Safe registered engineer will help to keep your boiler running properly and keep your family safe and warm.

How often should I have my boiler serviced?

Your boiler is an important part of your home. It provides you with hot water and keeps you warm. Boiler repairs can be expensive and inconvenient, so for your own peace of mind, we advise you have your boiler serviced every year in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

An annual service is also a condition of our boiler warranties, so if you need a repair while your boiler is still under warranty, you will need to provide your annual service reports to show your warranty is still valid. 

If you live in rented accommodation, your landlord is required by law to have your boiler serviced annually and to provide you with a Gas Safety Certificate.

What are the benefits of a boiler service?

  • Safety - all appliances that burn wood or fossil fuels (such as natural gas) could produce poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) if they are not working properly, so to keep your family safe, your Gas Safe registered engineer will check your boiler for CO.
  • Keep your warranty valid - our warranties require that your boiler is annually serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Failure to do so could invalidate your warranty, resulting in expensive repair bills, should your boiler break down.
  • Fewer breakdowns - as you would expect when you take your car for its MOT, when you have your boiler serviced, all the main components are checked for wear and tear, and replaced if necessary. That means that it is less likely to breakdown when you need it the most, particularly in the cold winter months.
  • Efficiency - a well-maintained and regularly serviced boiler will work more efficiently. This means you are using less fuel and reducing your energy bills.

What happens at a boiler service?

Make sure the installer who carries out your annual service is Gas Safe registered. You can check their status on the Gas Safe register website.

An annual service will start with a visual check to ensure that the boiler and associated pipework is installed and positioned correctly. Your engineer will then check that your boiler is operating correctly and identify any initial problems. Then they will remove the boiler casing to look at its components. They will check the boiler is working safely and efficiently, and clean the components inside the boiler.

The engineer will check the following:

  • Correct gas pressure and flow
  • Flue and combustion. A flue gas analyser will be used to make sure the boiler is burning the right mixture of gas and air and that the flue is not blocked
  • Electrical connections are clean and in good condition
  • Fans and other key components are working efficiently
  • Seals are intact
  • Electrodes are in a good condition
  • Safety devices are checked
  • Condensate trap and pipe is not blocked
  • Water and gas pipework

The engineer should inform you if the boiler does not meet building and safety legislation and regulations during their checks. Make sure that the engineer explains any repairs or maintenance work they need to undertake and ensure any parts used come from a reputable manufacturer, ideally from the boiler manufacturer itself.

As a guide, most boiler services should last around half an hour and you should receive a full service report. Only sign this report if you are happy with every element of the service your boiler has received.

Baxi Customer Support is our award-winning service division. We offer a range of maintenance and support plans to help you keep your boiler in tip top condition. Check out our range of plans or call us to arrange for an engineer to visit on 0330 678 0917.

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How Often Should I Have My Boiler Serviced?

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