Baxi EcoBlue Plus Combi Boiler

Baxi EcoBlue + Combi

The Baxi EcoBlue + Combi is a powerful, compact boiler that delivers excellent performance.

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Baxi EcoBlue Combi


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  • Boiler width = 390mm
  • Boiler height = 700mm
  • Boiler depth = 295mm
  • Side clearance = 5mm
  • Upper clearance = 175mm
  • Lower clearance = 150mm
  • Front clearance = 5mm in operation, 450mm for servicing

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  • Easy to install
  • 24, 28, 33 kW
  • Full wall mounting jig
  • Choice of flue lengths
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  • Front access to all parts
  • 1 metre lead provided
  • Compatible with uSense smart control using the 230v switch live
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Baxi EcoBlue+ Combi ErP  24 28  33 
Sales Code Boiler Only 


7219499 7219500


Concealed Used Controls    Yes Yes  Yes 
Operating mode selector switch reset    Yes Yes  Yes 
User adjustable DHW temperature Range - 40° to 60° Yes Yes  Yes 
User adjustable CH temperature   Range - 40° to 60° Yes  Yes  Yes 
Temp/status/fault diagnosis display   LCD display  LCD display  LCD display 
Baxi plug-in mechanical timer     Optional  Optional   Optional 
Baxi plug-in technical timer     Optional  Optional  Optional 
Baxi wireless mechanical RF thermostat    Optional   Optional  Optional 
Baxi wired outdoor weather sensor -combi     Optional   Optional  Optional 
Baxi single channel wired programmable room thermostat    Optional   Optional  Optional 
Baxi single channel wired programmer     Optional   Optional  Optional 
Baxi room thermostat     Optional   Optional  Optional 
SAP 2009 Annual Efficiency (PCDB/SEDBUK)  % 89.1  89.1  89.1 
NOx class   
ErP Product Information 
NOx mg/kWh  22  20  24 
Sound Power Level, Indoors  LWA dB 51  52  53 
Space Heating Efficiency Class   
Water Heating Declared Load Profile    XL  XL  XXL 
Water Heating Efficiency Class   
Heat Input CH kW max gross (QnHs) 22.2  26.6  31.1 
kW min gross (QnHs)  5.2  6.3  7.6 
Heat Output CH (non condensing)   kW (max) 20 24  28 
 kW (min) 4.6 6.0 7.1 
Heat Output CH (condensing) kW max (PnC)          21.2  25.3  29.6 
kW min (PnC)  4.9  6.0  7.1 
Gas supply pipe size  (mm)  22  22  22 
Inlet supply pressure (natural gas) mbar (nominal) 20 20 20
Maximum gas rate (natural gas after 10 mins)   m3/hr  2.61  3.05 3.59
Mechanical and hydraulic  
Domestic hot water (DHW) Input - kW (max) gross 27.4  32.1  37.7 
Input - kW (max) net  24.7 28.9  34.0 
Output - kW (max)   24 28  33
Maximum DHW flow rate (Delta T @ 35°max) l/min  9.8  11.5  13.5 
Maximum DHW flow rate required   l/min  2.0* 2.0*  2.0* 
Maximum operating DHW pressure required   bar  0.15  0.15  0.15 
Maximum DHW system pressure   bar 
Safety discharge pressure   bar  3.0 3.0  3.0 
Compartment ventilation required    No  No  No 
Flow/return pipe size  (mm)  22  22  22 
Temporary filling loop supplied     Yes  Yes  Yes 
Integral expansion vessel   Size (litres) 
CH system inhibitor required    Yes  Yes  Yes 
Condensate discharge pipe size   (mm)  21.5  21.5  21.5 
Electrical supply   Volts/Hz  230V/50Hz  230V/50Hz   230V/50Hz  
Permanent live required     Yes  Yes  Yes 
Electrical power cable fitted as standard 1m of 3 core   Yes Yes  Yes 
Power consumption when firing   Watts  85                 90  95 
External fuse rating Amps 
Internal fuse rating   AH  F2L  F2L  F2L 
Boiler IP rating (electrical protection) without integral timer fitted  Approval category   IPX5D  IPX5D  IPX5D 
Circulating pump exercise feature     Yes  Yes  Yes 
Pump overrun     Yes  Yes  Yes 
Integral 'boiler only' frost thermostat    Yes  Yes  Yes 
Concentric flue system 
Standard telescopic concentric flue Length in mm 315-500  315-500  315-500 
Horizontal concentric (60/100 mm)  Max equivalent length (m)  10  10  10 
Reduction per 135°bend (m)  0.5  0.5  0.5 
Reduction per 93° bend (m) 
Horizontal concentric (80/125mm)  Max equivalent length 20 20 20
Twin pipe flue system  
Horizontal twin tube (80/80mm)  

Max equivalent length (both tubes in parallel) (m)

15  15  15 
Reduction per 135° bend (m)  0.25  0.25  0.25 
Reduction per 93°bend (m)   0.5  0.5  0.5 
Installer lift weight   Max (kg)  34.0  34.0  36.0 
Gross packaged boiler weight  (kg)  39.2  39.2  41.2 


*Where low flow taps or fittings are intended to be used in DHW systems connected to Baxi combination boilers it is strongly recommended that the DHW flow rate does not fall below 2.5 l/minutes to ensure reliable operation. 



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