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The Power of One - Collaboration with Linneys Print Solutions to repurpose and distribute 6,500 notebooks to schools across the UK

At Baxi we are always looking for changes we can make in the way we do things, that will help the environment or help the communities we serve.

So, when one of the agencies we work with showed us what they do with all the offcuts of paper they have left over when they have finished printing, we saw an opportunity to do both!

You can look at our Sustainability Pledge and read our latest Sustainability Report to find out about some of the bigger projects we are undertaking to become a more sustainable business. However, this story is about a smaller change we are making that will have a big impact!

Linney is a printing business based in Mansfield. Its sustainability ethos is very much aligned to that of Baxi, and it has an important mission – to re-use all its paper offcuts in a really useful way. It makes them into useful notebooks, called Power1 notebooks, and each one is completely unique. They are made from any available offcuts of paper – plain, coloured, textured, lined – meaning the notebooks are sustainable stationery in its purest form.

Baxi - Power of one Notebooks
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For every tonne of paper that is repurposed, 4,000kW of energy is saved – that’s equivalent to 24 trees! From an environmental point of view, that’s pretty impressive. So, of course, it makes perfect sense for a business as big as Baxi to provide these sustainable notebooks for its colleagues to use.

But that’s not the end of the story! I mentioned at the start about helping the communities in which we serve. For every Power1 notebook we purchase, an illustrated notebook, which includes information on endangered animals and the threats they face, will be donated to a school child who really needs one.

That means Baxi is distributing 6,500 notebooks to schools across the UK, for children who may otherwise have to manage without one.  And we all know the value of a notebook when it comes to jotting down our plans, thoughts and sketches!

You could say that Power1 is more than your usual notebook!

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