Electric boilers

Low carbon option for conventional heating systems or underfloor heating.


With more and more of the electricity we use being generated from renewable sources, such as wind, electric boilers can offer a good, low carbon heating solution in the right circumstances.

What is an electric boiler?

Electric boilers are well suited for new build properties and homes with good levels of fabric energy efficiency.  When upgrading an existing heating system they can operate effectively with standard radiators and heating system controls. They are also perfect for high-rise buildings or other situations where a gas supply may not be available.

Electric boilers are easy to install and their solid state technology has no moving parts. There is no requirement for an annual safety certificate and they require minimal servicing. 

As with all heating systems, it is necessary to survey the property to make sure the right output of boiler is specified to meet the needs of the household.  Contact our technical team for more information.

Electric boilers from Baxi, created by our hot water experts at Heatrae Sadia


Amptec provides controllable wet central heating, working with standard radiators, programmers, circulating pumps, room thermostats and thermostatic radiator valves and there is a version specifically designed to work with underfloor heating systems. It is suitable for pressurised or open vent systems and can work in conjunction with an indirect cylinder or separate direct cylinder to provide domestic hot water.


Compact and unobtrusive, this electric boiler will fit almost anywhere. It is perfect for extensions and loft conversions in existing properties where space is at a premium. Both the standard and underfloor heating versions are available in a variety of outputs, from 4 to 12 kW. Amptec boasts an efficiency rating of 99.8% given its direct electric design.

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The Electromax provides the best of both worlds for sealed systems: an electric boiler and a hot water storage cylinder, pre-plumbed with a factory fitted circulating pump, in one compact airing cupboard-sized case. It can provide central heating and a hot water supply, both at the same time if required, and needs only a mains electrical connection and cold water supply.

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